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Emotionally, you are no different than the woman who had her husband cheat on her.You’ve trusted, you’ve been burned, and it’s hard not to judge each new woman by the unfortunate standards set by your ex.You recently addressed the issue of how to get over a broken heart.Well when some relationships end, there is not only a broken heart but also a devastating financial impact which naturally has an adverse effect upon one’s emotions. I have to pay permanent alimony until the day one of us passes away – Big Problem! Not only do they obsess about every little detail of parenting as if it’s a make-or-break decision, but often they indulge in Worst-First thinking (dreaming up the worst possible scenario and proceeding as if it is likely to happen).(And “sitch” is, of course, short for “situation.”)- L. The Solution: “Call and say ‘I’m sorry, and this is about me and not you, but I just don’t feel comfortable with a man supervising an overnighter,’ ” says Paone.If I’m a woman, it’s not my fault that your wife sucked you dry, and I shouldn’t have to pay the emotional price for it. I shouldn’t spend a second thinking about what she did to you.All I can do is show you, in word, and in deed, that my heart is in the right place. I think your story is very relevant to this blog, my friend, for two reasons: 1) To show the man’s side of the story.

Here’s a shining example, cribbed from a longer article in Parenting (via CNN), titled, “The New Playdate Playbook.” It’s a Dear Abby-like list of Q&A’s for parents totally stressed out by the enormous difficulty of planning, running, overseeing, perfecting and interrupting their kids’ playdates.Evan – First, I’d like to thank you and everyone who posts on your blog.Now that I’m back in dating mode, I can use all the help I can get.Once I realize their source of income, I lose all respect for them and view them as gold diggers and opportunists.Yet part of me realizes I shouldn’t view them this way because they’re only taking advantage of the laws of the state (the Mc Donald’s hot coffee in the lap scenario just popped into my mind.) I’ve been so turned off by the initial alimony disclosure that I never pursue the relationships further.

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My plan to switch careers after the divorce was derailed because the alimony is based on my earnings potential.

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